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Comparison date 6/05/2019

Yarding 13220 Lamb 10500 Sheep 2720

Change 480 Change 920 Change –440

Agents penned reduced numbers of sheep and lambs, with mixed quality offered. The regular supplementary fed lambs were available, with strong competition from the processors driving the prices up again by up to $11/head. Restockers and feedlot buyers joined the regular field of processors and had a strong impact on the light lambs that also sold in a stronger market.
Heavy trade lambs sold $4/head better, with all domestic processors very keen to purchase a quality product. Heavy trade weights made from $193 to $205/head, reaching 870c/kg cwt. The light and medium trade increased $7 to $11, making from $154 to $196/head. Bidding intensified for the light weight MK bag lambs, creating a lift of $12 this week, receiving from $113 and $163/head. The portion of light lambs secured by the restockers and feedlots received from $124 to $167/head.

Well finished heavy lambs suiting the export and domestic market were making from $206 to $226, lifting $7/head. The extra heavy export lambs increased $9, making from $222 to $245, with the over 30kg lambs lifting $3 to make from $242 to $273/head, reaching 787c/kg cwt.
The best of the hoggets today sold for $233/head. Very limited numbers of mutton sold in a firm market. Medium weight 2 and 3 score ewes sold from $116 to $153/head. The best of the 4 score crossbred ewes made $246/head to average 590c/kg cwt.


Comparison date: 8/05/2019
Yarding: 500 Change: 50

Numbers increased and all weights and grades were represented. It was a larger field of buyers at the rail, however not all operated fully. The strength of the market was for heavy well finished cows, with prices unchanged to 2c easier, averaging 215c/kg. The D3 and D2 medium weight lines sold to weaker tends, making from 118c to 176c/kg. A mixed selection of bulls sold to a small group of processors. The better shaped bulls making from 180c to 205c/kg.


Comparison date: 7/05/2019
Yarding: 560 Change: -340

Numbers declined moderately. A larger percentage of the offering were secondary cattle, along with some very good supplementary fed stock. It was the usual field of buyers in attendance. Trade cattle were in limited supply, forcing buyers to bid strongly to secure stock with finish. Trade weight steers were in short supply, making from 270c to 325c/kg. The better shaped heifers suitable for the trade gained 9c, making from 243c to 318c/kg. Feeder steers were in reasonable supply. Buyer interest fluctuated for feed steers which was quality related. Medium weight feeder steers decreased 15c, receiving from 240c to 289c/kg. Well finished heavy bullocks and steers were in short supply. The better quality pens of prime C3 steers and C4 bullocks sold firm to 4c/kg dearer. Bullocks recorded a top price of 312c to average 285c/kg.


Wangaratta Weekly Market

Yarding: 396 Change: -151
A lighter yarding of 396 head came forward at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange. This was 151 less than last week and comprised of 342 young cattle and 50 cows & 4 bulls.
A large percentage of the yarding were lot fed and in good condition bar a few milk vealers the bulk of the offering lacked condition. The odd grown steers and few heifers had some condition.
The grown steers and heifers sold at firm rates while the odd pen of vealers sold to an easier trend. The lot fed cattle remained fully firm.

Bullocks +550 256.2 to 270.2
Steers 450-550 264.6 to 300.0
Steers -450 271.0 to 300.0
Heifers +500 220.6 to 265.0
Heifers -500 246.6 to 285.0
Lot Fed 315.0 to 333.2
Vealers 266.0 to 315.0
Cows Beef 150.0 to 198.0
Bulls 186.0 to 190.0