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Corowa Sheep & Lamb Sale



Yarding 20721       Lambs    14167   Sheep 6554    comparison date: 08/10/2018
Change -2249        Change -1883      Change -366

Lamb numbers eased and the quality was good on the 11,000 new season lambs. Trade and heavy lambs were best supplied and there was a good run of heavy old lambs. Merino trades were also better supplied. The market sold to a dearer trend. New season lambs to restock sold from $80 to $130 with heavier weights to feed on reaching $160/head. Medium and heavy
trade weights gained up to $6 and sold from $141 to $185/head. Heavy lambs ranged from $170 to $215 with extra heavy lambs reaching $221/head. Carcase prices averaged from 730c to 780c/kg cwt. Old trade lambs ranged from $161 to $177, with heavy lambs making from $184 to a top of $240/head. Carcase prices averaged 680c to 730c/kg cwt. Trade Merinos received
from $123 to $148/head. The best hogget reached $175/head. Mutton numbers were steady and quality was fair to good. Prices lifted $10 to $15/head on the medium run of sheep and more
on the heavy Merinos. Medium weight ewes sold from $74 to $135/head. Heavy crossbreds sold from $108 to $170, averaging $147/head. Merino ewes made from $142 to $171/head. Most of the better covered sheep averaged between 450c and 480c/kg cwt.











Tuesday 16th October 2018

Yarding  1500           Comparison date  09/10/2018
Change   -200

Numbers declined and quality was fair to good. There were few supplementary fed yearlings, while grass finished stock made up the bulk of the offering. Heavy grown steers and bullock were in good supply. An almost full field of buyers attended, along with increased competition from the north.Vealer numbers were similar and quality was quite good. There was solid demand throughout the sale, with the best of the vealers making from 270c to 320c/kg. Medium weight trade heifers sold to strong demand, with all buyers bidding strongly for a market share. Well finished trade heifers sold from 240c to 275c, averaging 263c/kg. Trade steers were keenly sought making from 273c to 305c/kg. Feeder steers were in shorter supply making from 260c to 280c/kg. There were fewer orders for feeder heifers, while prices averaged 4c dearer topping at 272c/kg. Well finished heavy bullocks and steers sold to strong competition from export northern exporters. The better quality pens of
prime C3 steers and C4 bullocks made from 280c to 301.2c/kg. Crossbred bullocks topped at 265c/kg..


Wednesday 17 October 2018

Yarding   750                     Comparison date 10/10/2018
Change   170

Numbers lifted and quality was very good. A full field of northern buyers attended however, southern buyers were subdued with northern processors dominating the market over heavier categories. The better finished beef cows were up to 6c dearer making from 210c to 236c/kg. The D2 and D3 medium weights were generally 12c dearer, making 146c to 210c/kg. A mixed selection of bulls sold to only a few buyers. The better shaped bulls made from 212c to 248c/kg.


Wangaratta Weekly Market

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market: 11 October 2018

Yarding: 417   

Change:  -476

A much lighter yarding of 417 head were presented to buyers at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange. This was to be expected after the influx of cattle last week. Quality was much improved with a better selection of grown steers and bullocks, a quality offering of heifers of all weights and the best offering of milk vealers for some weeks. The 57 cows on offers gave buyers a good selection of all types. Demand was stronger for the heavier cattle with both steers and heifers dearer by 5 cents. Best of the milk vealers sold to strong enquiry to be 5 cents above last week’s rates. Best heavy cows sold to 5 cents dearer, others 2 to 4 cents above last week.


 Bullocks          +550            246.6 to 286.6
Steers          450 to 550        260.0 to 285.0
Steers              -450             250.6 to 275.0
Heavy Heifers   +550             226.0 to 258.0
Heifers             -500             248.2 to 275.0
Vealers                                288.2 to 322.0
Cows                                   160.2 to 208.0
Bulls                                    170.0 to 220.0