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Corowa Sheep & Lamb Sale


Yarding 10033    Lambs    7321      Sheep  2712    comparison date 05/01/18
Change -3025     Change -2393      Change -632

Lamb numbers eased and the quality was back a little. Although trade lambs were well supplied prime trades were limited as were heavy lambs. There was a larger percentage of Dorpers penned and there was a reasonable run of 2 score restocking lambs. The market was cheaper. The 12-16kg 2 score restocking lambs were $13 cheaper and sold from $69 to $113/head. Medium and heavy trade weights were $8 to $10 cheaper on average selling from $123 to $154/head. Heavy lambs were up to $12 cheaper from $148 to $172/head. Extra heavy lambs were firm at the top end and $6 cheaper on the lighter weights after reaching $212/head. Carcase prices averaged 580c to 620c/kg cwt. The best of the hoggets reached $146/head. Heavy Dorper trade lambs reached $146/head. Mutton numbers eased and the quality was mixed. Prices eased $8 to $12/head over most of the sheep. Medium weight ewes
sold from $75 to $124 and heavy crossbred ewes sold to $129/head. Carcase prices averaged 380c to 400c/kg cwt..









Tuesday 13th February2018

Yarding   1560                        comparison date 06/02/18
Change    40

Numbers decreased slightly in a good to fair quality offering. Vealers were in shorter supply and quality was mixed due to the hot weather in recent weeks. Yearlings and heavy export cattle were in reasonable numbers. The usual buyers were in attendance, along with an extra processor. The good quality supply of vealers sold to the usual group of buyers. Vealers prices varied depending on quality and fat cover with the better shaped European veal selling from 275c to 315c/kg. Medium weight trade heifers sold to steady demand from
250c to 285c/kg. Trade steer numbers increased and so did prices. The better finished steers sold from 262c to 294c/kg. Feeder steers sold to steady demand with prices firm to 2c easier making from 243c to 281c/kg. Demand for export cattle fluctuated at times with milk and two tooth pens creating the strongest competition. The better quality
pens of prime C3 steers and bullocks made from 255c to 276c/kg. Manufacturing types were discounted heavily making from 216c to 226c/kg.


Wednesday 14th February 2018

Yarding  500                       Comparison date 07/02/18
Change  -215

Numbers declined in a fair to good quality yarding, with very few plainer beef types offered. A full field of buyers attended and all operated in a cheaper market.
Heavy cows sold to fluctuating competition easing 5c to average 207c/kg. The D2 and D3 medium weight cows sold to weaker demand making from 147c to 191c/kg.
A good quality selection of bulls sold to the usual gallery of buyers. The better shaped bulls made from 214c to 237c/kg.


Wangaratta Weekly Market

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market: 15th February 2018

Yarding: 213                    Comparison date: 8th February 2018

Change: -193

A much lighter yarding of 213 were presented to buyers at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange. This was 193 head less than last week and comprised of 198 young cattle, 15 cows and no bulls. Quality overall was very good with a large number of well finished vealers being the majority of the yarding. Very few heavy steers and heifers and only 15 cows on offer. Steers remained firm to slightly cheaper, heifers down by 15 cents and vealers firm to slightly dearer. Cows down by 5-10 cents.



                         Bullocks         +550         243.2 to 258.0
                         Steers             450-550         196.0
                         Steers            -450          251.8 to 281.2
                         Heifers           +500         223.9 to 244.0
                         Heifers            -500         223.8 to 255.0
                         Vealers                           291.2 to 320.2
                         Beef Cows                       189.5 to 204.2
                         Dairy Cows     None
                         Bull               None