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Corowa Sheep & Lamb Sale


Yarding 9155        Lambs 5531        Sheep 3624            comparison date 10th July
Change 4525        Change 3225       Change 1300

Lamb numbers increased and the quality slipped with a smaller run of prime lambs. Trade weights were best supplied and there was a good run of heavy lambs. Secondary lambs increased. There were several drafts of Merino lambs with most having a shorter skin. The market trend was dearer especially on trade weights as buyers looked for finished lambs around 20-23kg
dressed. Light 2 score processing lambs were $8 dearer selling from $76 to $108/head. The medium and heavy trade weights were $8 to $12/head dearer on most with some trade selling to dearer trends. Prices ranged from $133 to $164/head averaging 670c to 675c/kg.  Heavy lambs were $3 to $6 stronger ranging from $152 to $174/head and extra heavy lambs reached $182/head. Carcass prices averaged 630c to 670c/kg. The best priced hogget were Merinos which sold to $150/head. Mutton numbers lifted and the quality was fair. Ewes made up the bulk of the yarding but there were few large drafts of wethers.  Prices lifted $9 on the medium weight crossbred ewes and remained similar on the Merinos with prices ranging from $100 to
$124/head. Heavy sheep lifted $3 to $4 and ranged from $136 to $151/head and heavy Merino wethers $124 to $137/head.  Heavy sheep averaged 460c to 480c/kg.


NVLX CATTLE MARKET REPORT 18th & 19th July 2017

Tuesday 18th July

Yarding: 760                Comparison date: 11th July
Change: -240

Numbers declined with all weights and grades represented. There were some excellent drafts of supplementary fed stock, with odd pen-lots past in. Generally the market sold to mixed price trends. Most of the usual domestic and export buyers were operating, however lot feeder orders were few. The mixed quality supply of vealers sold to weaker demand. Vealers offering processors plenty of yield sold from 312c to 350c/kg. Medium weight trade heifers sold to stronger demand, due impart to limited supplies. Well finished heifers sold at 286c to 340c/kg. Trade steers were in limited supply and competition was steady. The better finished steers sold at 312c to 338c/kg. Not all feed lot buyers operated and quality had noticeably dropped compared to the previous sale. Feed steers 400-500kg were back 10c to average 310c/kg. There was stronger demand for feeder heifers and prices lifted 10c/kg. The main lines of heifers 330-400kg sold from 275c to 317c/kg. The mixed quality offering of grown steers and bullocks sold to a smaller group of export and domestic processors. Competition from processors fluctuated. Bullocks regained some of last week’s losses lifting 10c while heavy steers were mostly unchanged. The better quality pens of prime C3 steers and bullocks made from 280c to 312c/kg.


Wednesday 19th July 2017

Yarding: 450             Comparison date: 12th July
Change: -46

Numbers were marginally lower in a good quality yarding. Most of the usual winter group of buyers were in attendance along with some restocker competition. Heavy cows eased 1c to average 251/kg. Medium weight three score cows eased 3c with the bulk of the D3 and D2 lines selling from 215c to 246c/kg. In the dairy market quality was quite good, with a few pens of dry cows, which ignited the bidding. Dairy cows sold from 195c to 235c/kg. A mixed quality selection of bulls sold to the usual gallery of buyers. The better shaped bulls sold 3c to 6c cheaper making from
263c to 300c/kg.

Wangaratta Weekly Market

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market  20th July 2017

Yarding: 134                         Comparison date: 13th July 2017

Change: -22

A lighter yarding again of 134 came forward at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange .This was 22 less than last week and comprised of 116 young cattle and 15 cows and 3 bulls.
Quality was average with grown bullocks and steers in limited supply while vealers and lot fed made up the bulk of the offering. Very few cows on offer.


                     Bullocks             +550             No quote
                     Steers                450-550        265.0 to 285.0
                     Heifers              +500              230.0 to 265.0
                     Vealers steers                         265.0 to 385.0
                     Vealers heifers                        292.0 to 355.0
                     Beef Cows                              230.0 to 242.2
                     Bulls                                      222.0 to 256.2