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Yarding 17700   Lamb 1350     Sheep 4650

Change 8290     Change 5200  Change 3090

Good prices holding last week has resulted in agents penning over double the numbers of sheep and lambs, with supplementary fed stock
offered over all weights and grades. The quality was mixed, with some very strong numbers of lambs suiting the trade buyers. All regular
buyers were present and operating in a fluctuating market trend, with prices easing slightly in the trade lambs, although the quality was still
excellent. Processors dominated the bulk of the sales, with feedlot and restockers struggling to compete.

Medium and heavy trade lambs were well sort, however they eased $4 to $6, making from $200 to $250/head, reaching up to 1,074c/kg cwt.
Processors were keen in the light lamb category, paying up to $3 more for MK bag lamb, receiving from $158 to $180/head. Solid well
finished heavy lambs suiting the export and domestic market eased $2, making from $246 to $270/head to average 1,004c/kg cwt. There
were few more pens of extra heavy export lambs offered this week, with strong competing resulting in a lift of $5, making from $265 to
$293/head. The over 30kg lambs sold for $315, making 975c/kg cwt.

Overall, it was a good quality yarding of mutton, selling $7 to $11 easier across most weights and grades, with the exception of some heavy
Merino wethers making $255 to receive approximately 846c/kg cwt. Good heavy 4 score crossbred ewes received from $144 to $250 to
average 677c/kg cwt, with the best of the Merino 4 score ewes making $251/head. Light 2 and 3 score ewes were making from $60 to



Yarding 500 Change 150

Numbers increased moderately. The usual winter buying group attended, however not all operated. A shortage of cows at all selling centers
meant bidding strengthened, pushing prices significantly higher.
The better finished beef cows sold to stronger competition, gaining 12c, making from 252c to 296c/kg. The D3 medium weights and D2 types
were keenly sought, with plainer types increasing 30c/kg and more. Dairy cows sold from 212c to 256c/kg.
A mixed selection of bulls sold to the usual group of processors. The better shaped bulls received from 220c to 268c/kg.


Yarding 800 Change 0

Numbers were similar and quality was excellent, with most cattle supplementary fed. Yearling cattle suitable for the trade were in bigger
numbers. There was a reduced offering of secondary stock, with the bulk selling to feedlots or returning to the paddock. Heavy cattle numbers
lifted and quality was very good. It was the usual field of buyers in attendance and all were operating.
The mixed selection of vealers sold from 282c to 349c/kg. Well finished trade weight steers made from 313c to 343c/kg. The better shaped
heifers suitable for the trade were keenly contested, gaining 18c and receiving from 278c to 356c/kg. Feeder steers medium weight were
unchanged, making from 278c to 324c/kg.
A seasonal shortage of grown steers and bullocks intensified bidding. Heavy C3 steers and C4 bullocks made from 285c to 344c/kg. Heavy
heifers with shape were unchanged to 11c dearer, recording a top price of 318c/kg

Wangaratta Weekly Market

Yarding 272 Change + 83

A slightly heavier yarding of 272 cattle were offered to buyers at Wangaratta, made up of 244 young cattle and 27 cows. This was 83 more than last week.
Once again the market consisted of mainly grain assisted cattle, these cattle sold to strong enquiry. Most of the cows on offer were in good condition however the cows sold 10-15 cents dearer than last week, the better finished cows selling to a top of 270 cents.
No real milk calves or grown cattle to quote.

Steers 400-500
Heavy Vealers
Grain fed 280.0 to 332.0
Cows 170.0 to 270.0