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Yarding 13070 Lamb 8920 Sheep 4140
Change 3183 Change 1737 Change 1446

Agents penned higher numbers of sheep and lambs and the quality lifted across most categories. There were some excellent supplementary fed lambs particularly in the Merino run. Better numbers of new season lambs were available to processors and the quality was excellent.
Processors were enthusiastic in places, however, there was still a price correction across the market. All the regular buyers were present with feedlots not operating fully and restockers stepping in on some very light lambs.
The new season lambs were fresh with the light and medium trade lambs selling between $166 and $186/head, with carcase prices ranging from 820c to 836c/kg cwt. The heavy trade weights made between $188 to $200, averaging 812c/kg cwt and heavy lambs sold up to $215/head.
Shorn lamb numbers continue to dominate the market. Light and medium trade lambs were well supplied selling between $152 and $174/head. A good quality line of heavy trade lambs were offered making between $168 and $191/head, to average 774c/kg cwt.
Competition was steady in the light lamb category with MK bag lambs selling between $114 and $146/head.
Numbers in the heavy lamb category were good and there was strong competition from domestic and export processors, however, the prices weakened by around $20/head. Heavy lambs sold between $195 and $213/head. There were limited pens of extra heavy export lambs. Lambs weighing over 26kg made between $210 and $231/head, to average 782c/kg cwt.
There was increased yarding of hoggets today and the quality was good with 4 score crossbred hoggets making up to $205/head, selling between 653c and 724c/kg cwt.
Good numbers of mixed quality mutton was offered with the bulk of the yarding being the heavier weights selling in a cheaper market of up to $16/head. Well finished heavy 4 score crossbred ewes were making between $150 to $210/head, to average 625c/kg cwt. The 4 score Merino ewes reached $184/head. Light 2 and 3 score ewes were making between $100 and $156/head.



Yarding 410 Change 140

Numbers increased and quality was mixed, with all weights and grades represented. The usual group of buyers were in attendance and all were operating. The market sold to strong competition over most classes with buyers eager to secure a market share. The better finished beef cows sold stronger bidding lifting 8c to average 276c/kg. The D3 and D2 types made from 190c to 2253c/kg. A mixed selection of bulls sold to the usual group of processors. The better shaped bulls making from 230c to 260c/kg.


Yarding 725 Change 85

Numbers were marginally higher. A fair percentage of yearlings were grass finished or supplementary fed. Trade and heavy cattle were in reasonable numbers and buyers were selective when purchasing trade types. The usual field of buyers were at the rail, along with a major domestic processor after a lengthy absence. Trade cattle prices eased, with some cattle passed in. Trade weight steers sold 9c cheaper, making from 301c to 338c/kg. The better shaped heifers eased 10c to average 301c/kg. Feedlots paid to 318c for well-bred steers, while the heifer portion recorded a top price of 305c/kg. Well finished heavy bullocks and steers were in very short supply. Prime C3 steers sold 2c dearer to average 323c/kg. Good quality C4 bullocks saw strong competition, with prices 14c/kg dearer. The bulk of the bullocks over 600kg sold from 338c to 344c/kg.

Wangaratta Weekly Market

Yarding 188 Change –170

A total yarding of 188 cattle came forward at Wangaratta consisting of 175 young cattle, 10 cows and 3 bulls a. This was 70 less than last week.
Lot fed cattle sold 10 to 15 cents dearer with the quality of the cattle much better than previous weeks. Milk vealers were 10 to 15 cents dearer also on the back of some outstanding quality calves.


Steers 450-550 200.0 to 350.2
Heifers 400-500 240.0 to 337.2
Grain fed 275.0 to 350.2
Vealers 280.0 to 351.6
Cows 180.0 to 230.0
Bulls 180.0 to 222.2