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Corowa Sheep & Lamb Sale


Yarding    15026       Lambs    11777        Sheep    3249    comparison date  04/06/18
Change    1093        Change    1653        Change   -560

Lamb numbers increased and the quality was excellent on the heavy and extra heavy lambs. Trade weights were well supplied while light lambs were limited. There were a few pens of Merino lambs most with a short skin. The market was stronger on all lambs. The 2 score processing lambs were $6 to $8 dearer selling from $88 to $138/head. Trade lambs lifted $6 to $10 with light trade lambs from $116 to $134/head. Medium and heavy trade lambs sold from $134 to $172/head and averaged 680c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs were $4 to $5 dearer on average and the 4 score lambs made from $160 to $181/head. Extra heavy lambs reached a market top of $231/head to average 620c to 640c/kg cwt. Merino lambs reached $172 and heavy hoggets $180/head.
Mutton numbers were back slightly and the quality was good. Heavy sheep were well supplied and there was a good mixture of lighter sheep. The market was stronger by $6 to $10/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $95 to $132 and heavy crossbreds reached $193/head. Most of the heavier mutton made between 490c to 520c/kg cwt.











Tuesday 19th June 2018

Yarding   980                   comparison date  12/06/2018
Change   -20

Numbers declined and quality declined across secondary categories. Domestic processors were reliant upon grain finished cattle which resulted in premium prices being paid. Heavy steers and bullocks were limited and quality was only fair, with a number of steers requiring more finish. Most of the usual buyers were in attendance. Vealers were limited with the better finished making from 253c to 323c/kg. Medium weight trade heifers sold to stronger demand benefiting from the limited supply of trade cattle to average 281c/kg. Trade steers were limited and prices were up to 9c dearer making from 288c to 320c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were firm to a few cents dearer making from 243 to 305c/kg. Demand for export cattle was steady for well finished steers. The better quality pens of prime C3 steers and bullocks made from 248c to 288c/kg.


Wednesday 20th June 2018

Yarding  500                       Comparison date 13/06/2018
Change  180

Despite rain across the region numbers increased marginally. Quality was plainer with all weights and grades represented. An almost full field of buyers attended and demand was weaker.
The better finished beef cows sold to mixed price trends, making from 160c to 224c/kg. The D2 and D3 medium weight cows sold 7c cheaper, selling from 143c to185c/kg.
A fair selection of bulls sold to the usual gallery of buyers. The better shaped bulls made from 185c to 220c/kg.


Wangaratta Weekly Market

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market: 21st June 2018

Yarding: 311               Comparison date: 14th June 2018

Change: +52

A similar yarding of 311 head were presented to buyers at the Wangaratta Live Stock Exchange. This was just 52 more than last week and comprised of 282 young cattle and 29 cows.
Overall quality was much improved with a good selection of supplementary fed yearlings, some excellent vealers but very few bullocks on offer. Only 29 cows were penned. The better finished cattle met strong enquiry with lot fed yearlings dearer by 5 cents and milk vealers up by 8 cents. Plainer types were firm on last week’s rates and grass fed heifers were also 5 cents above last week. Cows remained firm.



                 Bullocks      +550             260.6 to 280.2
                 Steers           450-550      268.2 to 300.0
                 Steers          -450             278.6 to 310.2
                 Heifers         +500            240.2 to 286.2
                 Heifers         -500             268.2 to 302.6
                 Lot Feed       -500             278.6 to 325.0
                 Vealers                            280.0 to 336.2
                 Cows                                156.6 to 190.0