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Corowa Sheep & Lamb Sale


Yarding    13694      Lambs   8974    Sheep  4900  comparison date  06/08/18
Change    -4796       Change -4186   Change -610

Lamb numbers decreased and quality was good for the new season and heavier old grades while there was an increase of plainer lines throughout. There were mainly trade weights penned as well as a good supply of heavy lambs and 1,700 new season lambs offered. A similar number of store new seasons were yarded compared to the previous sale and all the buyers were operating and competition was very strong on the well finished new season and old lambs. Light new season lambs to the processors averaged $146, up $10 while small new season store lambs averaged $24, down $11/head. Medium and heavy trade weight new season lambs were $10 to $18 dearer and averaged from 870c to 880c/kg cwt, with the heavy trade weights selling from $194 to $226/head. Heavy weight new season lambs sold to $238.20/head. Trade weight old lambs were $7 to $9 dearer and averaged 825c to 840c/kg cwt or $183 to $203/head. Heavy weight old lambs were up to $14 stronger and averaged 860c/kg cwt, with quite a few pens selling from $217 to a top of $277/head. Trade Merino lambs sold well and averaged from $177 to $189/head.
Mutton numbers fell slightly and quality was very mixed throughout. Medium Merino ewes were $9 cheaper and averaged $105/head or 440c/kg cwt. Heavy first cross ewes were cheaper by similar levels and averaged $128/head or 410c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino wethers averaged $141, while light sheep sold from $56 to $86/head.











Tuesday 14th August 2018

Yarding  795                 comparison date  07/08/2018
Change   -96

Numbers were back but quality improved with a larger percentage of young cattle off crop and feeders being yarded. Yearlings made up the bulk of the yarding. Feeder yearlings were in shorter supply. Prime grown cattle were also limited. Feeders were cheaper mostly due to breed, and trade cattle were firm with the odd sale dearer. Heavy butcher vealers sold from 281c to 298c/kg. Feeder steers averaged 12c/kg cheaper with breed the being a major contributing factor. Medium and heavy feeder steers sold between 225c and 278c/kg. Heifers had the same quality issues and sold 20c cheaper on average, making from 212c to 274c/kg. Trade steers were firm with the medium and heavy weights sold from 270c to 310c, and the heifers made from 248c to 298c/kg. Prime grown steers ranged from 250c to 290c and the best of the heavy grown heifers reached 270c/kg.


Wednesday 15th August 2018

Yarding    410                     Comparison date 08/08/2018
Change  -116

Cow numbers were back in volume and quality improved, with a better run of heavy 3 and 4 score cows and fewer light plain 1 score cows. The market trend was dearer, lifting 4c to 6c/kg on most of the cows. Medium weight 2 score cows sold from 154c to 189c to average 169c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score cows made from 186c to 225c/kg. The prime heavy weights averaged 218c/kg.
Bull numbers were back and there was a good run on heavy weights. The B muscled bulls were 5c stronger, receiving from 202c to 235c/kg.


Wangaratta Weekly Market

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market: 16th August 2018

Yarding: 141             

Change: +13

A total yarding of 141 head came forward at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange. 13 more than last week and consisted of114 young cattle, 17 cows and 4 bulls and 6 Bobby calves.
Demand weakened across all categories, grain fed cattle were 10 cents cheaper, cows and grown heifers slipped 10 to 15 cents mostly due to quality with no grown steers to quote.



                    Steers      450-550   220.0 to 301.2
                    Lot Feed                 280.0 to 305.0
                    Vealers                   284.0 to 310.2
                    Beef Cows               190.0 to 205.0
                    Dairy                      160.0 to 175
                    Bulls                       160.0 to 205.0