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Corowa Sheep & Lamb Sale


Yarding 19797       Lambs 13744     Sheep   6053       comparison date 09/10/17
Change  54           Change 398        Change -344

Lamb numbers were steady and the quality remained good. There were 12,700 new season lambs offered. Trade and heavy new season lambs were well supplied along with an excellent run of extra heavy weights. Old lambs were fewer and there were a few large drafts of light Merino lambs. The market was met with very strong demand and resulted in a dearer market. The few restocking new season lambs sold from $93 to $118/head. Medium and heavy trade weights were $6 to $7 dearer and ranged from $136 to $158/head to average 645c/kg cwt. Heavy new season lambs were $3 to $4 dearer on average and received $151 to $180/head. Extra heavy new season lambs topped at $194.20/head to average 600c to 640c/kg cwt. The large
drafts or light Merinos sold from $88 to $96, which was up to $10/head dearer. Old trade lambs ranged from $115 to $142 and heavy lambs from $148 to $160/head. Extra heavy lambs reached $188.60/head and averaged between 550c and 610c/kg for the trade weights. Merino trade lambs ranged from $105 to $144/head. Mutton numbers slipped slightly and the quality was mostly good. Prices lifted $9 to $12/head on the light and medium weight sheep. Light ewes sold from $68 to $96, medium weights from $80 to $116 and heavy crossbred ewes $110 to $134/head. Heavy Merino ewes with a long skin made to $142/head. Light and medium weight mutton averaged 410c to 430c/kg.








NVLX CATTLE MARKET REPORT 17th & 18th October 2017

Tuesday 17th October

Yarding   1900                          comparison date 10/10/17
Change     400

Numbers lifted substantially in a fair to good quality yarding. There were odd drafts of outstanding supplementary fed stock, while the bulk of the offering was grass finished. The trade market sold to strong price trends, with buyers prepared to push the market for the supplementary fed portion. All major domestic buyers attended along with the usual buying group. Lot feeder buyers were quite, due in part to a greater portion of stock not suiting their orders. The mixed quality supply of vealers sold to steady demand for the European cross vealers. Vealers well finished made from 290c to 322c/kg. Medium weight trade heifers sold to steady demand but not all processors were interested if heifers were over conditioned. Well finished trade heifers sold at 266c to 286c/kg. Trade steers were in good numbers and competition was stronger. The better finished steers sold at 277c to 302c/kg. Not all feed lot buyers operated and quality was fair. Feed steers 400-500kg were unchanged to average 278c/kg. There was solid demand for feeder heifers and prices were generally unchanged. The main lines of heifers, 330-400kg, sold from 272c to 280c/kg. The good quality offering of grown steers and bullocks sold to enthusiastic competition. The better quality pens of prime C3 steers and bullocks made from 280c to 294c/kg.



Wednesday 18th October

Yarding 545                           Comparison date 11/10/17
Change -15

Numbers were similar to last week in a good quality yarding, with the bulk of the offering heavy well finished types. There were very few processors operating and the bulk of the yarding was purchased by two southern companies. Heavy cows sold to stronger competition, selling 9c dearer to average 235c/kg. Medium weight 3 score cows sold 2c dearer making from 212c to 232c/kg. Young store cows made from 222c to 225c/kg. A mixed quality selection of bulls sold to the usual gallery of buyers. The better shaped bulls made from 242c to 270c/kg.



Wangaratta Weekly Market

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market 19th October 2017

Yarding: 191                      Comparison date: 12th October 2017

Change: -51

A lighter yarding of 191 head came forward at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange .This was 52 less than last week and comprised of 168 young cattle and 22 cows & 1 bulls. Quality was not up to that of last week with fewer grown steers penned and the heifers on offer were principally lightweight. There was a reasonable offering of milk vealers and only 2 cows were penned. Demand was similar to last week with steers firm, heifers also firm on the dearer rates of last week. The penning of milk vealers sold at rates firm to 4 cents dearer than last week. Cows met reasonable demand to be firm on last week.



                Bullocks         +550         252.4 to 260.0
                Steers             450-550   266.0 to 290.0
                Steers            -450         246.2 to 292.0
                Heifers           +500        226.6 to 244.0
                Heifers            -500        246.0 to 264.0
                Vealers                          276.6 to 325.0
                Beef Cows                      200.0 to 228.2
                Bull                               239.2